Bare Feet for him !!

Mens Bare feet is available on SL Market Place, now !!

Maya's REMIX bare feet (mens)

Bare feet (Ver 2.0) / Mens

almost all details are same as womens bare feet …

No more shadows by invisible prims around your feet…

If you are Viewer2 user, wear objects and layers named with V2.0 at the end.
If not, wear objects and layers named without V2.0 at the end.
Thank you …



bare feet (L)
bare feet (R)
bare feet (L) / V2.0
bare feet (R) / N2.0


pretty bare foot base
pretty bare foot base / V2.0
pretty bare feet base2 / V2.0

pose stand included

Ver  2.0 is deriver as boxed object …

Touch the left foot for all controls by driven menu.
You can easily control size, position and rotation to fit perfect.

There are 5 different skin and nail textures for Maya’s REMIX Bare feet.

1,Fairly skin (Nails)
2.Pale skin (Nails)
3.Tan skin (Nails)
4.Chocolate skin (Nails)
5.Dafault skin (Nails)

sorry about that color name is  girly… giggles

Feet & nail colors are changeful by RGB Value.

Feet Color has been sett R/G/B=255/255/255,
and skin has been set with “1.Fairly skin” at the shop.

If you want to match with your own skin.
better to use the “default (Blank)” skin texture.
you can find it to click on each Texture Tubs.

bare feet detail 1

bare feet detail 2

bare feet detail 3Model : X. Jayaram “Thank you for modelling me!! xx”

RGB value on local chat

I hope you will success to get the perfect color you wanted with your bare feet !!

All our sculpted prims are easy to change the size by “resizer”
You can get better fit to your AV.

“Maya’s REMIX” Main shops at Moonlight Requiem.

Please, come down and check our shop !!

We also sale our product on “SL Market Place” !!

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にほんブログ村 ネットブログ セカンドライフへ

You also could see other Japanese second life styles, here!!

… Enjoy SL Fashion …



~ by Maya Firehawk on 07/07/2010.

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