Pity woman from “LOOKBOOK”

Hi there !!

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I have asking why they change the selection by e-mail.

At first the reply sent from the woman who charged this,
and she said she is on vacation and tell me another guys e-mail who can do immediate assistance.

I e-mail the guy…. but, he never reply anything….
At last, I ‘ve got exactly same mail again…
Then, no reply afterwords …

Is that a way which solve the problem from users???
If I am works as a helping assistance, I never do that…

I think, Maybe That is the reason SL is only a kind of ”Vertual ” games, never real …!?

If they handle real money, better to communicate with users more carefully
Because some of them have paid money for play the game.

And I just wanted know the reason why … lolz

I disappointed with the helpless deal from these 2 people from”LInden Lab”.
Better check your way is global standard or not !!
May be just in common use on unsigned on line world.


Well … never mind, It’s just only “Second Life”……
Sure, I am not going to join this pity choise by business people, any more …haha

on the 3rd page left down corner

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~ by Maya Firehawk on 06/09/2010.

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