Patchwork Jodhpurs released …

Hello There !! New Jodhpurs pack released …

Fine summer Corduroy patch worked as in the sades of camo colors …

Maya’s REMIX patchwork Jodhpurs

Patchwork Jodhpurs


capris cuff and Jodhpurs ×2 / right and left
capris cuff ×2 / right and left
Jodhpurs thigh×2 / right and left
pants cuff ×2 / right and left
belt with loops (bling/contrallable)
T-backs knots

“Jodhpurs thigh” and “capris cuff and Jodhpurs” prims are available for
different avatar height …

If your avatar is short height wear “pettit”set
and your avatar height is model size, just wear normal prims.

I  put NC about avatar height for perfect patern fittings.


capris base ×2 / pants and under pants
pants base ×2 / pants and under pants
leather T-backs

pose stand includes

Buy it on SL Market Place → click here !!

patch worked texture
patch worked texture

laces at the back of bottom and side at T-backs / flexiblelaces at the back of bottom and side at T-backs / flexible

4 way to wear
4 way to wear

ride the bike as a horseride the bike as a horse

All our sculpted prims are easy to change the size by “resizer”
You can get better fit to your AV.

“Maya’s REMIX” Main shops at Moonlight Requiem.

Please, come down and check our shop !!

We also sale our product on “SL Market Place” !!

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にほんブログ村 ネットブログ セカンドライフへ

You also could see other Japanese second life styles, here!!

… Enjoy SL Fashion …



~ by Maya Firehawk on 23/03/2011.

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