Fog Emulator

Have a fun for Halloween time !!
cheap enough and  good enough …

Maya's REMIX @home Fog Emulator

Fog Emulator

You can have Slightly lighted shallow fog.

fog emulator / L  : 10m×10m big
fog emulator / Mini :  3m×3m big (as a gift / enjoy fog in the room !!)

on / off : touch control
If it on, text goes to be invisible.

show / hide : chat command control
simply say show or hide to open chat .

If you don’t like light effect … there are “no lighted” one includes as boxed … enjoy !!

To buy it SL Market Place … Click here !!

See how is it like … at our flagship inworld !!
See how it is at our flagship inworld !!

Show / hide by chat command control
show / hide buy chat command control

All our sculpted prims are easy to change the size by “resizer”
You can get better fit to your AV.

Please, come down and check our flagship inworld !!
We also sale our product on “SL Market Place” !!

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にほんブログ村 ネットブログ セカンドライフへ
To see japanese blogs about SL

You also could see other Japanese second life styles, here!!

… Enjoy SL Fashion …



~ by Maya Firehawk on 21/09/2011.

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