Armpit hair

Armpit hair is quite natural so far, yet many people consider it embarrassing or unattractive…

Go wild as a celeb woman!!

Maya's REMIX flexible armpit hair unisexThanks Xtra!! to modeling me, see you soon inworld… :))

Flexible armpit hair


Armpit hair/female pale×2
Armpit hair/female×2
Armpit hair/male pale×2
Armpit hair/male×2

include pose stand

If you want to buy as a present, Post NC to me..we can sell you Transfer version.

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Have a fun!!… :))

All our sculpted prims are easy to change the size by “resizer”
You can get better fit to your AV.

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にほんブログ村 ネットブログ セカンドライフへ

You also could see other Japanese second life styles, here!!

… Enjoy SL Fashion …



~ by Maya Firehawk on 27/09/2009.

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